January 01, 2018

Our cows are a source of pride and joy, and we believe that when we make them happy, they will keep us happy - with fresh milk! As the biggest dairy farm in the UAE with a herd of over 13,000 cows, this is no easy task. But thanks to them, Al Rawabi produces 250,000 litres of fresh milk products every single day.

Read on to discover how we pamper our precious cows.

Comfortable Homes

When we imagine a dairy farm, we think of lush green pastures. But Al Rawabi’s farm is surrounded by the desert. To protect our cows from the harsh weather, we have state-of-the-art sheds with low sandwich panel roofs, coolers, monitors and curtains to reduce sunlight and make them comfortable.

Automatic Cooling System

Our farm is equipped with a cutting-edge automated cooling system. When the temperature outside goes over 21°C, the system turns on. This helps maintain normal temperatures on the farm and keeps our herds stress-free and productive. For our innovations on the farm and animal welfare, we have received numerous awards, and today stand on par with some of the most advanced European farms.

Daily Cow Care

We go the extra mile for our cows by pampering them daily with clean and cosy beds, plenty of cold water to drink, and regular showers. Our farm also has:

  • Walkways: Equipped with overhead showers
  • Smart Dairy system: To determine the correct feed ratio for each herd
  • Digistar feeding system: To control the feed ingredients and monitor daily consumption
  • Ear tags: Unique ID tags through which we know a cow’s history from the date of birth

Cow Health Specialists

Al Rawabi has a team of resident veterinary doctors and assistants to keep the cows healthy 24/7. We follow a comprehensive health program for an efficient, healthy and happy herd that's entirely antibiotic and hormone-free.


Cold Chain Milk Maintenance

After milking, we pump the milk into a cooler to cool it to below 5°C. We then transport the milk in cold storage tanks to our plant for pasteurization. This cold chain is maintained from the plant to the trucks, and from the trucks to the stores - providing fresh milk for the consumer within 24 hours.

The TMR Project

The Total Mixed Ration Project (TMR) aims to customise the feed for each cow. Within the project, we have developed our own “Al Rawabi Mix” for animal feeds. We also create special feeds for our use and sales to customers, like the “Milking Cow Mix”, “Dry Cow Mix”, and “Goat Mix”.

The result of these measures is fresh milk with an unmatched level of quality. Thanks to our happy cows, we have earned not just our customers’ appreciation but recognition that goes beyond the UAE’s borders.


Dubai Municipality Award for 'Excellence in Animal Welfare'
Government of the UAE Award for 'Best Environmental Practices'
Agra ME Award for 'Farm Innovation - Animal Production'
AgraME Award for 'Farm Innovation - Agriculture'
AgraME Award for 'Food Security and Climate Change Innovation'
Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige
European Business Assembly Award for 'Best Enterprise'