About Our Farm

Our farm began production with just 500 Holstein and Friesian cattle – an imported breed of German Cows. Today, we have 13,500 cows in our home located in the desert of Al Khawaneej, Dubai.
Now, we will tell you a story how we spoil our precious cows.

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How is milk made?

A cow can only produce milk after she has given birth. Cows are milked 3 times a day at our farm.
Each cow gives around 35 liters of milk per day.

Milk Dairy Farm

Milking Process

The milking process at the farm is efficiently operated. Our cows are being washed every time before going for milking. They are milked in a so called milking line - cows will wait at the gate that leads to the milking shed so that they are the first in line to be milked. The milking machine collects the milk into the containers and sends the milk to the filter. After milking, cows are washed and dried off with toilet paper, where they can go back to rest.

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First test of Milk on the Farm

Cows Milk is tested for any possible infection, bacteria or any other health problems associated with cows. If the cow is healthy, her milk will be used for production, but if something with the milk is not 100% perfect, that milk is thrown away immediately.

When one line of cows finish milking, automatic cleaning is applied to the line – the automatic sprinkles are cleaning the area with hot water and soda to prepare for next shift.

Cooling Process of Milk on the Farm

When milk is taken from a cow, it's temperature is 38°C.In order to kill any bacteria that may come, the milk is pumped into a cooler, where after 10 minutes, it is cooled below 5°C.

Al Rawabi Farm Cooling

Transport of Milk from Farm to the Plant

Milk is transported in cooled storage tanks to the plant. Whole milk is pumped into plant storage silos where it undergoes pasteurization, homogenization and a further process to turn it into the tasty, healthy and quality products guaranteed by Al Rawabi.

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Our Unique Cows

Each cow has a unique ear tag – her ID through which we know her whole history from the date of birth through her whole life. Everything that happens to a cow is recorded in the system, so we can watch out over her and keep her safe.

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Cooling of the cows

Our cows are very clean and well maintained. Besides being showered daily, they are also cooled with a special "air conditioning" system.
To survive in the dessert, where the temperature goes over 50C degrees in the summer, we apply an automatic cooling system for our cows.
Whenever the temperature goes above 21C, the cooling system is turned on. The higher the temperature outside, the more cooling for cows so they can live in suitable conditions.

Dairy Farm

The "Doctors" for our cows

5 veterinary doctors and a team of 15 veterinary assistants – the so called "cow's health team" are helping the cows 24 hours daily.

The "health team" is there to ensure that all cows are in good shape that there are no diseases (infections) and that all milk that comes from the farm is 100% healthy & safe.

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