5 Impressive Benefits of Low Sugar Drinks

October 20, 2017
5 Impressive Benefits of Low Sugar Drinks

In its natural state as fructose, sugar is actually a harmless and beneficial component of fruits. Whether you’re cutting back on sugar for a detox or want to make an overall improvement to your health, choosing a low sugar juice as part of your efforts is strongly recommended. You will be rewarded with the following benefits:

Stabilizes mood and energy

Sugar is like a drug - the more you consume, the more you crave. When you consume an energy drink, your blood sugar levels increase sharply. It causes a quick boost of mood and energy that fall shortly after, making you moody, hungry and restless. A low sugar drink can help you break this cycle of highs and lows, and enable you to savour the natural taste of fruit.

Protects your teeth

Did you know that your mouth has naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on sugar? Sugar from drinks and food end up on the surface of your teeth, providing nourishment for these bacteria to grow - over time this can cause dental plaques, cavities and tooth decay. If you like to maintain healthy teeth, it’s safer to choose low sugar.

Improves your skin

The highs and lows in blood sugar caused by sweet drinks create internal stress in the body. This manifests itself as skin breakouts, dullness and tired-looking skin. The amount of sugar in your body is influenced by the amount of sugar you eat, so eat plenty of whole fruits and choose to drink low sugar options.

Keeps your stomach healthy

If you’ve ever felt sick after eating too many sweets, here’s the reason why - sugar doesn’t digest efficiently. It can’t be broken down into nutrients other than glucose, and too much of it can ferment in the gut and irritate your stomach. Cutting back on sugar improves digestion and protects your stomach.

Makes your heart happy

Excess sugar gets converted into energy which the body stores as fat. High levels of sugar can harm your cardiovascular health and increase your risk for heart disease. Reducing your sugar intake protects you from heart problems later on in life, so eat whole fruits or choose to drink low sugar options in juice.

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