Animal Welfare Matter's

Our nation’s progress can be judged by how we treat our animals

The ideals of animal welfare come from the belief that animals can think, feel, perceive, and respond to their environment as actively as human beings do. Organizations that believe in the welfare of animals try to ensure their health and well-being by providing the same amount of love, care and consideration as human beings - especially when they are under supervision.

An animal is in a state of well-being when objective evidence indicates that it is healthy, well-nourished, comfortable, and able to follow natural behavioral patterns without suffering from unpleasant feelings like pain, fear or stress. The concerns of animal welfare include the conditions in which animals are kept, how they are used for food, how they are used for research, and how human activities affect the wild species in their habitat.

The Five Freedoms Of Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is founded on the principle that all animals deserve respect and compassion. While animal welfare refers to the state of the animal, animal care, animal husbandry and humane treatment are broad terms that apply to the way it is treated. It is especially valid in the case of animals that rely on us for love, shelter and protection, and are unable to communicate their wants in a language we can comprehend.

In 1967, the Farm Animal Council of the UK Government established five guidelines that are universally recognized as the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare. They are as follows:

  • Freedom from hunger and thirst - through constant access to a healthy diet and fresh water
  • Freedom from discomfort - by providing a suitable shelter with a comfortable resting area
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease - by providing the required medical attention with rapid diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to exhibit normal behaviour - by providing the right facilities with ample space and the company of their species
  • Freedom from fear and stress - by ensuring the type of conditions and treatment that prevents mental suffering
Caring For Animals

Caring for animals is our responsibility

Al Rawabi And Animal Welfare: Our Way Of Thinking

Animal welfare as a human responsibility includes all aspects of animal well-being including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention and veterinary attention, responsible handling, and when necessary, humane euthanasia to relieve suffering.

For dairy farmers, in particular, ignoring these aspects of animal welfare can cause a rise in diseases and a drop in appetite and herd numbers, leading to a decline in the quality of the milk and the farmer's profits. That's why Al Rawabi makes it our priority to provide world-class standards of animal care. We believe it is right not just for our animals, but for ourselves, our farm, our products, our consumers and the health of the nation as a whole.

Animal Welfare In The UAE

In 2016, the United Arab Emirates demonstrated its commitment to animal welfare when President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan enacted Federal Law 18 to combat cases of animal cruelty. As per the law, people found guilty of abusing or illegally hunting, buying and selling animals face a fine of AED 200,000 and a one-year prison term. The use of an animal for illegal scientific experiments is also subject to a one-year prison term and fines between AED 50,000 and AED 200,000.

Since our inception, Al Rawabi has always been at the forefront of farm animal welfare in the UAE. Animal care is one of our top priorities, and all of our herds live in special air-conditioned units which protect them from the harsh summer heat. They also enjoy advanced showering and automatic cooling systems; state-of-the-art shed infrastructure that helps to reduce direct sunlight; a comfortable environment equipped with fresh drinking water and clean bedding; and a Total Mixed Ration system that creates a customized feed ratio for each cow to ensure optimum health and nutrition.

Our herds are hormone-free and have round-the-clock medical care from our team of veterinarians and veterinary assistants. We are environmentally conscious and recycle every drop of water used at the farm, and our cooling system relies solely on recycled water. To recycle waste water, Al Rawabi has also established an Ozone Treatment and Ultra-Filtration System - a cutting-edge treatment process that kills bacteria and purifies water without using any harmful chemicals.

Thanks to our initiatives, Al Rawabi Dairy has been certified by Dubai Municipality for 'Excellence in Animal Welfare' as well as the Government of the UAE for ‘Best Environmental Practices’. Al Rawabi has been awarded 3 times by Agra ME Association for Best Dairy Innovations and is the recipient of the Mother Baby & Child Award voted by Mothers in the UAE. We are proud and honoured to be a part of the growing list of animal-friendly companies in the UAE.

Our focus on keeping our cows happy and in optimal conditions allows us to deliver the highest quality milk to our consumers. So when you buy milk from Al Rawabi, you can be sure that it not only tastes fresh but that you have also made the right, ethical choice.