Full Cream Fresh Milk

Shelf-life (including production date): 5 days

    Packaging Declaration:
    • Ingredients: Fresh Cow's Milk, min 3% Fat, min 8.5% Non-fat Solids, Vitamin D3,Rich in Vitamin D3 and Calcium.
    • Pasteurized and Homogenized.
    • Keep refrigerated (5℃ or less).


  Gram(g) kilocalorie (kcal)
Fat 3.2g 29
Protein 3.0g 12
Carbohydrate 4.7g 19
Calcium 119 mg(14.8%RDA)  
Vitamin D 40 IU/L(10%RDA)  
Kcal per 100g   60kcal/251 kj

Available Pack Sizes

One Gallon Full Cream, 3Ltr Full Cream, 2Ltr Full Cream, 1Ltr Full Cream, 500ml Full Cream, 250ml Full Cream, 200ml Full Cream