• Al Rawabi hold itself proud member of the community and never forgets to give back to other members and institutions of the society.
  • In 2015, we have supported more than 1500 events.
  • During the Farm Festival, Al Rawabi also raised and donated AED 100,000 to the Rashid Paediatric Therapy Centre (RPC).
  • We constantly support different institutions like donations to mosques, schools, churches, Iftar samplings, prisons etc….
  • Environmentally, Al Rawabi is highly responsible company.
  • Al Rawabi is environmentally conscientious and recycles all the water it uses at the farm.
  • Wherever possible, treated water is used in place of fresh water to reduce environmental impact.
  • Al Rawabi has been given an Environmental Award for being a dairy with a low ecological footprint.
  • Use the water from recycling - Also, the cooling system relies solely on recycled water to minimize ecological footprint