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10 facts about calcium you should know!

December 20, 2016

Calcium is one of the most vital minerals for our bodies. It plays a major role in keeping our bones, teeth and hearts healthy. 
However, there are many facts that you might not know about this important component that accounts for almost 2% of your body weight! 
Intrigued? Then you must learn these amazing 10 facts about calcium: 

  • 1 - Calcium is known for its ability to lower cholesterol level in the blood. Studies have also shown that foods and supplements containing calcium help reduce high blood pressure. 
  • 2 - Calcium is a crucial component of the formation of bones and must be consumed at all ages and stages of life especially for children, teenagers, pregnant and nursing women and elderly people. 
  • 3 - After 30, consuming foods rich with calcium becomes increasingly important to help the body absorb enough calcium to sustain the bone density. 
  • 4 - After 50, women’s bodies struggle more to absorb enough calcium, that’s why consuming a larger amount of that mineral becomes crucial to keep the bones and teeth healthy.
  • 5 - Children need 500mg of calcium daily, while kids at school age need 800mg daily, and teenagers need 1300mg daily.
  • 6 - The best sources of calcium are milk and dairy products. Those who don’t prefer milk can get a healthy dose of calcium from yoghurt, laban, labneh, sardine, green vegetable, grains, nuts, fruit juices, and calcium fortified cereals.
  • 7 - It is recommended (especially for women after 30) to always have one source of calcium with every meal such as a glass of laban, white cheese, calcium fortified orange juice, soy milk, broccoli or lettuce.
  • 8 - Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium, that’s why it is important to get enough vitamin D by exposing the body to the sun in a healthy way or by consuming foods rich with this vitamin such as eggs, butter, sardine and Al Rawabi vitamin D fortified milk
  • 9 - Regular physical activities such as walking, jogging and exercising help the body to absorb and store calcium in a faster way.
  • 10 - Calcium plays a part in preventing many chronic diseases such as cancer, bone degeneration, arthritis, migraines, period pain and children obesity. It also helps to reduce the excess fat in the body.

Al Rawabi offers a wide range of products which are great sources of calcium such as cheese, laban, yoghurt and milk.