You will not skip breakfast after reading this!

November 17, 2016

With our busy morning schedules that include dropping the kids to school, dodging morning traffic and rushing to early meetings, it is so easy to let breakfast slip to the bottom of our list and survive on 3 cups of coffee instead!

But all these excuses should not let you skip this very important meal because it is exactly what you need to fuel your energy and sustain your body and mind to tackle your hectic schedule. 

Here’s why you should never miss breakfasts from now on!

The benefits of eating breakfast: 
1- It gives the body the energy it needs throughout the day. 
2- It provides the body with the necessary vitamins, minerals and fibers. 
3- It helps stabilize the sugar level in the blood during the day.
4- It improves the body’s energy levels and the ability to concentrate in work and school.
5- It increases the metabolism levels. 
6- It maintains the body’s weight and prevents it from increasing. 
7- It controls the appétit and decreases the feeling of hunger during the day.
8- It helps the kids gain healthy eating habits from the parents. 

The negative results of skipping breakfast: 

Many people skip breakfast for a number of reasons such as: lack of time or appetite, waking up late or the desire to lose weight. But opting not to eat this vital meal can have negative results on our body. You must remember that:

1- Skipping breakfast doesn’t make you lose weight. On the contrary, it makes you gain weight. 
2- Choosing not to eat breakfast causes an imbalance of hormone, cholesterol and sugar levels in the blood which increases the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. 
3- Opting out of eating breakfast causes general fatigue, low levels of concentration and headaches. 
4- Avoiding breakfast makes you crave unhealthy food by the time you get hungry. 

What to do if you don’t have the appetite to eat breakfast? 

During the night and early morning hours our metabolism becomes slow and the feeling of hunger almost disappears. Drinking a cup of water infused with a few slices of lemon and doing some exercise moves help to develop an appetite and make us crave food.  

You can also make having breakfast easier by preparing light meals in advance on the previous night or opting for on-the-go foods such as a cup of yoghurt, an apple, a cheese sandwich or a banana.  

What are the components of a healthy and balanced breakfast? 

A good and nutritious breakfast must include protein, slowly absorbed carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins and minerals. It should also be low on fat and sugar. 

Generally speaking, a healthy breakfast consists of: 
1- Carbohydrates rich with fibers such as whole wheat bread and cereals fortified with minerals and vitamins. 
2-Good protein such as eggs, nuts, beans and chickpeas. 
3-Calcium, which can be found in many of Al Rawabi products such as yoghurt, milk and laban.
4-Fruits and fresh juices. Al Rawabi has a wide range of delicious juices to choose from. 
5-Vegetables which are rich in fibers and minerals such as lettuce, cucumber, celery, broccoli and green peppers.