Know Your Fruit: Mango, Passionfruit & Apricot

November 07, 2017
Know Your Fruit: Mango, Passionfruit & Apricot

When you savour the delicious mango, passionfruit and apricot, you probably don’t think about their immense health benefits. Yet each fruit is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that protect you in their own unique ways.

Magnificent Mango

  • - Mangoes were first grown in South Asia over 6000 years ago
  • - Mangoes provide the dose of Vitamin C, which is beneficial for the growth and development of healthy skin and body tissues
  • - Mangoes are rich in Vitamin A which boosts eye health
  • - The fruit contains high levels of anti-oxidants like quercetin which enhances immunity and gives you glowing skin and hair
  • - Thanks to their magnesium, fibre and water content, mangoes help in appetite control, stimulate digestion and keep your digestive tract healthy.
  • - Mango is also known as the king of fruits

Precious Passionfruit

  • - Passionfruit is native to South America.
  • - Passionfruit juice helps to cool the body during summers
  • - There are two varieties of passionfruit: purple and yellow
  • - It has high concentrations of Vitamins A and C which help to boost eyesight, strengthen the immune system and slow down ageing
  • - Passionfruit is packed with potassium, which is important for regulating heart rate and blood pressure
  • - The fruit is rich in minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium which help to maintain bone density and protects you against osteoporosis
  • - Due to its high fibre and low sugar content, passionfruit is an excellent choice for a healthy snack or a refreshment

Amazing Apricot

  • - Apricots were first cultivated in Asia during 3000 BC
  • - Apricots are an excellent addition to your weight loss plan - one hundred grams of fresh apricots contain just 50 calories.
  • - Apricots are a significant source of Vitamin A and C
  • - Dried apricots contain high amounts of iron that can reduce the risk of anemia.
  • - Apricots are packed with antioxidants that protect against ageing, cancer and various diseases
  • - Dried and fresh apricots contain significant amounts of fibre which maintains healthy levels of blood glucose and cholesterol
  • - Apricots are rich in potassium which aids muscle function, promotes healthy bones and supports a healthy heart.

Now you can taste the goodness of all three fruits in one drink.

Sip on Al Rawabi Mango, Passionfruit and Apricot Juice, and relish the goodness.