Why is No Sugar Added Juice a Healthier Choice?

September 25, 2017
Why is No Sugar Added Juice a Healthier Choice?

Who doesn’t love the taste of fruit juice? It’s delicious, refreshing, and an attractive source of nourishment. From busy moms to fitness fanatics, many people swear by the taste, health and benefits of juice.

But growing evidence suggests that drinking fruit juice may be risky - due to its sugar content. Sugar is not inherently harmful - your body’s cells need it to create energy for survival. But excess sugar gets converted by your body into fat and can cause obesity, diabetes, impaired immune system, chronic diseases and similar health problems.

What does this mean for people who frequently drink juice?

The fundamental difference between whole fruit and juice is the fiber. When you consume whole fruit, the sugars and nutrients in the fruit are absorbed by your body. The fruit’s fiber slows down this absorption process - making you feel fuller for longer.

Juicing removes the fiber and releases the nutrients and sugars in the fruit - making them easy to absorb. That’s why fruit juices can give you instant energy, increase alertness, and are an excellent choice when you’re busy or don’t have immediate access to whole fruit.

Good sugar versus bad sugar

The natural sugars in pure fruit juice are healthy and nourishing for the body. The downside comes when more sugar is added to enhance taste or give a particular flavor. When that happens, a package of regular fruit juice has the same amount of sugar and calories as a bottle of cola!

Although juices are a healthier choice due to their nutrient and antioxidant content, frequent consumption can send your blood sugar soaring and increase your risk for tooth decay, weight gain, blood pressure and heart disease. This is especially the case if the juice is made using naturally sweet fruits like oranges, apples and grapes, with extra sugar added.

No Sugar Added juice - the healthier choice

The solution - choose a bottle of juice that has no added sugar. Al Rawabi No Sugar Orange Juice is the simple, healthy choice to get your daily fix of juice - without added sugar. It contains only the natural sugars from fresh oranges and is best consumed at breakfast or with meals after a workout to get a kick of energy.

Of course, this does not mean you should give up regular fruit juice entirely! Like all food and drink, balance is necessary, and fruit juice can be a healthy supplement to your diet provided you enjoy it in moderation. Stay fresh and fit this summer, with a bottle of No Sugar juice.