7 Reasons Why You Should Consume More Ginger in the Summer

August 01, 2017
7 Reasons Why You Should Consume More Ginger in the Summer

Ginger is one of the most commonly used spices in the world, and its health properties have been known since ancient times. Brewed as a tea or mixed with honey, it’s an excellent natural way to fight illness during the winter. But did you know that ginger is more than just a cure for a cold? It’s packed with health benefits that provide great reasons to get a dose of it every day, especially during the summer.

Why is Ginger So Good for You?

The ginger root contains lots of beneficial compounds, like gingerols, curcumin, capsaicin, caffeic acid and beta-carotene, that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiviral. It’s also rich in potassium, magnesium and phosphorus that boost metabolism and aid the body's essential functions.

Health Benefits of Ginger

1. It keeps your tummy healthy - Consuming oily and spicy foods during summer can cause digestive problems. Ginger contains phenolic compounds which help soothe the stomach and aid the digestion of food.

2. It stimulates the appetite - During the summer, it’s common to experience a decrease in appetite. Ginger contains certain oils that stimulate the production of saliva and regulate hunger pangs. Consume it with lime before and after a meal to boost your appetite.

3. It protects the skin from UV rays - Research has shown that ginger extracts provide certain antioxidants that shield the skin against UV rays. In fact, drinking ginger tea or juice every morning is a well-known beauty secret for healthy, glowing skin.

4. It reduces post-workout pain - The recovery period after a workout is crucial for building muscle, but it can also cause discomfort. The antioxidants in ginger are an effective relief for post-workout muscle pain. By consuming ginger juice during recovery, your muscles can heal themselves faster and more efficiently.

5. It balances glucose levels - Dehydration during summer can lead to spikes and dips in blood glucose levels, causing dizziness and blackout spells. Drinking the juice of ginger is an effective way to stabilise blood sugar levels as it provides the right dose of sugar minus the calories.

6. It promotes weight loss - Whether you’re looking to build muscle or speed up your metabolism first thing in the morning, you cannot ignore the benefits of ginger with a twist of lemon juice. It stimulates the acids in the stomach that boost metabolism, and causes the body to burn more calories and fat.

7. It reduces fatigue - If you’re experiencing symptoms like tiredness and cravings for junk food, a dose of ginger may be what you need. A glass of ginger juice is a refreshing pick-me-up and can help ward off fatigue and stress.

Fresh, dried, powdered or as juice, ginger is a superfood you cannot afford to ignore. For a refreshing, healthy twist, try Al Rawabi’s Lemon Ginger Juice. It combines the goodness of ginger and lemon for double the health benefits!