Why is it important to drink Laban for Summer?

July 06, 2017

When Summer arrives, you have to be well prepared to take care of your health and keep away from the ill-effects of the harsh Sun. Your diet should include foods that are light on the stomach like fresh salads and fruits. On the other hand, when it comes to liquids, the healthier choice would be fresh water, fruit juices or laban. Laban in particular has multiple health benefits, making it a must have for the season. Let’s explore some of the many reasons why you need to include laban to beat the heat.

Great choice for hydration

During summer, your body needs to replenish with fluids. If dehydration is not treated correctly, your body could face its ill-effects. To avoid this, it is important to take the right measures for fluid when the temperature rises. Besides water, laban is a great choice to hydrate. This is because of the electrolytes present in laban which work against dehydration. The minerals and nutrients present in every sip of laban replenish your body in the right way.

Promotes digestive health

Summer vacations could be a reason for you to indulge in a variety of meals, some that can be heavy to digest. An upset stomach is the last thing you want on a vacation. It is therefore important to keep digestion in check and laban could be the solution. The traditional drink includes good bacteria which plays a big role in digestion of food consumed. Have a sip of laban and move one step closer to health this summer.

Keeps illnesses at bay

Health comes first and so protection against illnesses is a must. The probiotics found in laban enrich the drink with preventive capabilities against various illnesses. It helps in prevention of high blood pressure, allergies, heart diseases and diarrhea. It also helps in preventing hypertension. Give a boost to health as you fight illnesses with a sip of Laban to keep you going in the summer

Keeps your body cool

As refreshing as it tastes, Laban also helps your body cool down. When the heat is on the rise, turn to a bottle of laban to quench your thirst and feel refreshed. Packed with minerals and nutrients it’s a great option to stay nourished as your body cools down.

With so many benefits of laban, there’s no reason why shouldn’t include this healthy drink to your Summer menu. Enjoy the creamy taste and reap the benefits of health as you take every sip. Preparing for a healthy summer is complete with a bottle of laban.