Cows at Al Rawabi Farm

Happy cows on the Al Rawabi Farm

Al Rawabi is the only dairy company to have an automated cooling system to protect our herds from the heat. When the temperature goes over 21°C outside, the system turns on, enabling our cows to live a stress-free life.

We have also established new water cooling systems which enable us to spray cold water at 18-20◦C instead of spraying warm water at 40◦C during the summer. This enhances the cooling effect in cow sheds and reduces the cows’ heat stress. Our cooling systems result in increased milk production, higher breeding performance, improved immunity, and the happiness and wellbeing of our cows.

Al Rawabi Farm

Taking care of every detail at Al Rawabi

Al Rawabi’s sheds are specially designed to reduce direct sunlight. Our sheds are further equipped with advanced roofing, clean bedding, fresh drinking water, and 24/7 monitoring by a health team that consists of 17 expert veterinarians and nutritionists. We reduce bad odors and harmful gases like NH3, H2S, etc., and decrease the risk of mastitis and lameness by spraying environment-friendly bacteria on the beddings.

Al Rawabi maintains an Isolation Unit & Quarantine Unit to immediately isolate any diseased animals and prevent contamination. Our farm premises and feeding factory are also completely protected by double fencing to prevent the entry of unfamiliar animals or disease carriers. All of these measures help us keep our cows safe, relaxed and healthy.

Happy Herds

Happy herds

Al Rawabi has walkways with overhead showers for keeping the cows cool; a Smart Dairy system to determine the correct feed ratio for each herd; and a WiFi-enabled feeding system to monitor daily consumption. We also treat and recycle waste water without using harmful chemicals with our Ozone Treatment & Ultra-Filtration (UF) systems. This helps us improve the environmental sustainability of our farm as well as reduce the operational costs.

Al Rawabi has also taken innovative steps to improve the cows’ genetics for the purpose of increasing milk production, herd size, breeding performance and overall health. We achieve this through scientific processes like embryo transfer, IVF, and the use of sexed semen which ensures that 80% of the calves born are female.


  1. A diagnostic unit with a farm laboratory
  2. Advanced biosecurity system that includes:
    • a. Automatic hygienic gate, VIROCID chemical spray system, automatic vehicle sensing system, and a restricted farm entrance with pre-programmed guest authentication system
    • b. New gates for feed storage to prevent contamination from bird feces
  3. A post-mortem unit to hygienically perform post-mortems on deceased cows
  4. A cow hospital with a treatment area, a milking parlor for the resident cows, and a milking cluster backflush system to prevent the contamination of udders